Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AT&T: Non-Exclusive iPhone a Non-Problem

AT&T Chief Randall Stephenson today talked about the potential loss of iPhone exclusivity.  He downplayed the idea that AT&T's business would be hurt by such a move.  With record sales of the iPhone 4 it is hard for the people over at AT&T not to be so confident.  That topped with the fact that 80 percent of all AT&T users are on family share plans instead of single line plans.
 AT&T also sees the impending release of Windows Phone 7 and the explosion of Android devices to the market as a way to diversify the companies phone portfolio, so that when the iPhone isn't exclusive they will see less of a hit.

AT&T better be putting on a show to ease investors worries because they most definitely will be hit and hit hard when the iPhone becomes available to Verizon (and other carriers).  The biggest complaint about the iPhone is the network that it is on.  Although, AT&T is doing the right thing by becoming the premier provider of the Windows Phone 7.  They are diversifying, they will slowly become less of a one hit wonder then they were with the iPhone.

Now if it is true that the exclusivity for the iPhone ends at the beginning of 2011, AT&T better have plans in place to combat clients leaving for open pastures because I guarantee when it does happen, they will see a huge hit in their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and total subscribers.

By Chase Thompson
Source Electronista

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