Monday, October 18, 2010

The Rumored CDMA iPhone Hits "AP" Testing

Boy Genius Report today is reporting that the much anticipated and rumored CDMA iPhone is in its final stages of testing.  This stage of testing, referred to as the "AP" stage, is the stage after the stage that the Gizmodo iPhone 4 was at, when found.  Essentially, the next stage is it being released to the public. 

The one hiccup is the fact that the iPhone being tested was found to have a SIM card slot.  Which could mean that it will have CDMA + GSM/HSPA for global use and will support almost all carriers in the world.  The other option would be that this is just a refresh of the iPhone 4 without the antenna problems and would be referred to as a mid-year refresh.

Here's to hoping that the first assumption is correct and the iPhone will finally be available to everyone and not just the people willing to switch networks.

By Chase Thompson
Source BGR

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