Monday, August 30, 2010

Android Froyo

About 2 weeks ago I caved in and decided to manually upload Froyo 2.2 for my Motorola Droid.  This is now my second time doing this manually.  I mean who really wants to wait for Verizon to push the software to you.  Not to mention it always seems like your the last group of people to finally get it.  I regularly spend a couple minutes a day at Droid Life to catch up on news about my phone and new things going on with the Android Platform.  Its a great place to look if your a tech geek like me or if you want to find out more about your phone and things you can do with it.

In all honesty, manually updating it was one of the easier things I have done to my phone.  Droid Life is pretty in-depth on there step by step how to (If you have ever had to sync a Blackberry you will find Droid Life's process very easy).

The Droid update to Froyo including Flash 10.1 Droid Life Froyo Update.

The Froyo update is the biggest update that they have done in my opinion.  Not necessarily in size but more in overall impact on the Smartphone market.  Before the update I was getting bored with my phone, finding it to be slow, jittery and overall a loose cannon.  By "loose cannon" I mean making calls to random people in my phonebook, or pressing the call button next to my moms number and it calling someone else, then it freezing up so I cant end the call.  My only savior is the ability to take out the battery......sorry IPhone.  The update has made it more reliable and easier to use....among other things.  If your wondering what you get from Froyo that your not getting from EClair (2.1) I have a link directly to the Android Developers website.

By Chase Thompson


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