Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another CDMA iPhone Rumor

Here we go again, it seems that whenever the rumor mill for a CDMA iPhone settles down someone has to come out and make another claim that Apple is producing a CDMA iPhone.  This time it is Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Jeffry Fidacaro.  He claims that his channel checks in periodically with Apple's suppliers and those suppliers indicate that production of a CDMA iPhone will begin in December of this year which would coincide with rumors before that the iPhone for CDMA would launch in Q1 2011.

Fidacaro indicated that Apple will produce around 3 million iPhones for Verizon, working with Qualcom for the chipsets (Qualcomm makes the chipsets for Verizon handsets).

This is only the beginning of the rumors, so expect to hear a lot over the coming months.

By Chase Thompson
Source MacRumors

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