Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple Loosens the Noose When it Comes to Applications

Surprise surprise, Apple finally is giving in somewhat to its rigorous demands on approval for applications.  The Wall Street Journal today had an interesting article regarding the process for applications on the Apple "App Store" and how the restrictions are getting loosened and the process is becoming less frustrating.

Apple's new policy allows creators of applications to write there applications in a flash-based tool.  Although Flash-based content viewed on the web will still be unavailable (Android 2.2 with flash 10.1 will allow this).

This can be seen as times to come and word from Adobe is that they are happy about the change in Apple's policy and see this as move in the right direction

"We are encouraged to see Apple lifting its restrictions on its licensing terms, giving developers the freedom to choose what tools they use to develop applications for Apple devices," Adobe said in a statement.

This change also affects the choices that developers have over the ad solutions that they use on there applications.

If you want to read more hop on over to The Wall Street Journal to read more.

By Chase Thompson
Source Wall Street Journal

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