Thursday, September 16, 2010

AT&T Finalizing LTE plans

After feeling left out of the 4G discussion for so long, A&T and today announced its plans for its future LTE roll-out.  AT&T Operations CEO, John Stankey said today that LTE roll-out will begin in the middle of 2011 (which most likely will be pushed to the third or fourth quarter of 2011, VZW was supposed to have LTE started in June 2010 as of earlier this year).  With its initial roll-out AT&T will cover 70-75 million people.  Mr. Stankey also noted that AT&T has already spent $700 million on LTE so far.

In the meantime AT&T will upgrade its HSPA network to HSPA+ later this year, which should push wireless download speeds up to 7.2Mbps.

AT&T is said to be conducting test LTE trials in Baltimore and Dallas, no news if those two cities will be part of the initial launch.

Also note, AT&T's planned completion of LTE isn't until 2015 whereas Verizon's will be completed by 2013.


By Chase Thompson
Source BGR

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