Thursday, September 16, 2010

GSM Only For Windows Phone 7 in 2010

 Earlier I reported that Verizon wouldn't be carrying the Windows Phone 7 until 2011.  Now word from Microsoft is that all CDMA carriers are going to have to wait until the first half of 2011 to get there hands on some sweet Windows Phone 7 action.

"For the worldwide market, the vast majority of phones are GSM phones, so we focused on GSM first and then plan to deliver an update that will have great CDMA support in the first half of 2011," Sullivan said. "That's device availability in the first half and we're very confident of that. That's probably a conservative estimate."

Now I am still not sure whether this has anything to do with the epic fail of the Microsoft Kin but sorry Verizon users and say goodbye to a 4G Windows Phone to all of you who were going to switch to Sprint to get your hands on this device.  An extra couple of months of waiting may or may not be worth it depending on how these devices perform.  
If history repeats itself this could be a disaster of major proportions for Microsoft.....

By Chase Thompson
Source CNET

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