Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blackberry Storm 3 Cancelled??

Over the month we have heard rumors and seen pictures of what appears to be the next generation Storm from RIM.  We then heard that the Storm 3 would actually only be a software update with no upgrades to its hardware.  We have seen all the pictures and read all the rumors, but really until Verizon made it official we didn't really know...........

Now we do.  With the release of Verizons Roadmap for 2010 there was no mentioned of a Storm 3, only upgrades to the Bold, Tour and Curve which was mentioned in my previous posting.  It appears as if Verizon wasn't impressed with the advancements that RIM made in the Storm and decided to cancel it.  Keep in mind that just because Verizon cancelled it doesn't mean that it wont be available on other carriers but most likely those carriers will only be from overseas.

By Chase Thompson
Source Crackberry

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