Thursday, September 23, 2010

Microsoft and Apple Passing on Blu-ray?

It has been widely known that Apple's Steve Jobs is totally and utterly against the Blu-ray format. 
Jobs in the past has compared the Blu-ray format to “one of the high-end audio formats that appeared as the successor to the CD – like it will be beaten by Internet downloadable formats.”  Ouch!!

Now in an interview with Xbox Achievements, Stephen McGill, the UK Xbox head said “Blu-ray is going to be passed by as a format. People have moved through from DVDs to digital downloads and digital streaming.”

Now it is already one of my biggest complaints about my Macbook Pro that I don't have a Blu-ray player and am reserved to watching all of my Blu-ray DVD's on my TV, but come on!  I watch both Blu-ray and streaming and I will say every time that Blu-ray is drastically better.  And as we come into a new age of data usage and with landline and wireless companies talking about tiered data pricing, I don't want anything to do with streaming a 1080p movie over the Internet and having to pay not only for the movie but also for the amount of data being transferred!

By Chase Thompson
Source Windows7News

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