Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NFL FanVision

If you're a Tech Nerd and a Football Fanatic like myself, you will definitely enjoy this article.  If not, you might want to move along.

I first saw FanVision this past Sunday at the Seahawks game.  After much research I found out that the Seahawks are one of 12 NFL teams that is currently using this technology in their stadiums.  FanVision essentially is a handheld TV that shows the football game.  This handled device uses Wi-Fi and locally broadcast UHF video technologies that receives multiple angles of live broadcast game TV, NFL Red Zone highlight channel, simultaneously played in-division games, radio broadcasts, and stat feeds into one device that has up to 6 hours of battery life.

What really is awesome about this device, other than the obvious is the fact that it will work just outside the stadium, so if you tailgate close to the stadium this could be an amazing tail gating accessory.

For now it's only available in 12 stadiums (for Cardinals, Bills, Dolphins, Broncos, Browns, Bears, Vikings, Jets, Eagles, Redskins, and Seahawks fans, specifically), in addition to being offered at the University of Michigan for its college football season.  It should also be noted that 5,000 season ticket holders for the Seahawks were given free FanVisions to have without a seasonal charge of the typical $80.

What would really allow FanVision to become huge is if they created an APP that wouldn't require a $200 piece of hardware.  Food for thought........

By Chase Thompson
Source Engadget

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