Wednesday, September 22, 2010

VCAST App Store For Android by Verizon

A few week ago it was reported that Verizon Wireless will be launching an application store for Android.  It looks like that is coming true and I am not talking about the "Verizon" tab in the Android Market Place.  This will be a full blown app store that Verizon will manage and decide what apps will be approved or denied.  You will need Android 2.2 to access this app store though.

Your probably asking why developers would want to jump ship to the VCAST App Store, below you will find the future features of Verizon's App store:

  • It’s Free – No Testing Fees
  • It’s Fast – Our Goal is to place your application in the App Store within 14 days of Submission
  • Abbreviated Click-Thru Agreement
  • Carrier Billing – Your applications are billed directly to the Customer’s Bill; No credit cards, PayPal, etc.
  • 70/30 Revenue Share – 70% Developer / 30% Verizon
  • Hands-on, Experienced Content Programming Team
  • Subscription Billing – Coming Soon!
The biggest draw of the VCAST app store is going to be the 70% revenue that developers will get.  This is far and above higher then what other providers will pay.  It will also help to have carrier billing.  It will be so easy for a user to download an app if they know it will just come on there cell phone bill every month (Will you really notice $5-$10 additional a month for downloads?).

For two reasons it shouldn't be surprising that Verizon is launching its own App Store.  The first being that Verizon loves control over its phones and its customers.  We have seen this over the years and is considered to be the main reason why the iPhone isn't on Verizon.  The second reason is revenue, the App store is essentially 100% profit.  Verizon only has to approve the applications that come in, they will have little operating costs for the VCAST app store.

By Chase Thompson
Source WSJ
Source Droid-Life

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