Saturday, September 18, 2010

Verizon ends Data Package Requirement for New Feature Phones

You got to love a company backtracking on an obviously ridiculous policy.  About a year ago Verizon announced that any device that is considered a 3G multimedia device would require a minimum $10 data package to go with it.  At the time this caused an out roar because most people were either forced to upgrade to a smartphone or choose a phone that is considered a basic model.

Either way, Verizon beginning in Q4 will no longer require this data package on NEW devices (Note: Older phones that previously required that $10 data package will still be required to have a data package if activated again).

Verizon goes on to state that 4G will be launching this year in select markets for data cards only......Sorry all of you who were keeping your fingers crossed for a 4G phone from Verizon this year.

By Chase Thompson
Source BoyGenius

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