Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Windows Phone 7 and It's "Killer Feature?"

Killer feature?  Yeah right!  More like doing what they do best......throwing a half billion dollars into the marketing campaign for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is finally doing what I have been saying for the past few years that they should do.  They are taking part in all steps of the process for creating an amazing device.  Previous to Windows Phone 7,  Microsoft would create the OS, then start handing it out like its candy on Halloween.  They didn't care which devices it went on and what the specs on those devices were.  Which is why there devices continued to lack in every category

It should be no surprise that Microsoft is spending this kind of money because, well its Microsoft of course!  But they also have to be looking at the recent history of Google entering the wireless market.  Google initially launched the G1 with T-Mobile, there first product with any carrier (Yeah, just as surprised as you....had to look it up again just to make sure).  Along with the G1, later Google launched the Nexus One.  What these two products have in common is that both had small marketing campaigns and even smaller sales results.

Now, look at the Droid from Motorola and Verizon Wireless.  Jointly, they spent 100 million dollars in marketing.  The Motorola Droid has sense become the face of the Android platform and saved Motorola from certain doom.

Microsoft has got to understand that this is there last opportunity to succeed in the wireless industry and it appears as if they know this as well.
By Chase Thompson
Source Business Week
Source GigaOM

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