Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HTC: We Love Windows Phone 7 and Android.....Equally

Yesterday, Microsoft introduced the lineup for Windows Phone 7.  Of the ten Windows Phone 7 handsets introduced, five were made by HTC, which came as a surprise to some people but not to all people.  What you need to remember is that Windows Mobile is what made HTC the company that it is today (at least in the U.S., that is).  Then HTC switched to Android when it launched while still producing a small amount of Windows Mobile devices, but they obviously became more of a Android shop.  Now it appears as if HTC doesn't want to take a side, which is a good thing!

Also, with Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond and HTC's North American headquarters in Bellevue, these two cities are bordering cities and from office to office it is no more than a 10 minute drive, it should be no surprise that HTC is backing WP7 to the same extend as Android.

By Chase Thompson
Source Engadget

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