Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Verizon Nixes Blackberry Storm 3

A couple of weeks ago when Verizon's roadmap was leaked, we all saw that the Blackberry Storm 3 wasn't on that list and with the previous launches of the Blackberry Storm in November it was assumed that Verizon had either cancelled or postponed the launch.

Well now my sources inside Verizon are telling me that the Blackberry Storm 3 has officially been canceled and to not expect to see another model until later next year if even at all.  My source is telling me that Verizon canceled the Blackberry Storm because of declining sales numbers, not just for the Storm models but for Blackberry products as a whole.

Don't be surprised though if later next year we finally see that infamous Storm 3 completely remodeled, inside and out.

By Chase Thompson

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