Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple's Possible Use of Liquidmetal's Amorphous Metal Alloys

So for some people this could be old news but today it came to light that Apple is hiring engineers to help develop a use for Amorphous Metal Alloys in products all accross the board, ranging across their entire portfolio of products.

If your wondering like I was what Amorphous Metal Alloys are

Liquidmetal's technology is used in the fields of sports, medicine, space, jewelry, and of course, electronics. Whereas a typical metal has a crystalline atomic structure (a repeating pattern of crystals), an "amorphous" metal alloy basically has no crystals. This allows manufacturers to tweak the precise configuration of the alloy without worrying about the usual structural or strength limitations.

Liquidmetal and Apple a couple of months ago signed an exclusive contract that allows Apple access to all of Liquidmetals intellectual properties.  Essentially Amorphous Metal Alloys will allow Apple to produce a physically stronger and lighter product when it comes to iPods, iPhones, iPads and its Macbook lineup.

Its pretty interesting stuff, I would check out Wikipedia and Ars Technica for more information about Amorphous Metal Alloys.

By Chase Thompson
Source Mac Rumors

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