Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Verizon to Launch Mobile Recovery Tomorrow

Asurion, the insurance company for all Verizon Wireless phones will be launching a Mobile Recovery Service for Verizon Wireless Smartphones tomorrow, September 16th.  This application will come for free if you subscribe to the $7.99 a month Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) plan with Verizon Wireless.

Some of the features are set to include:
  • Sound an alarm from a misplaced phone, even if it’s set to silent
  • Locate a lost phone on a map, with turn-by-turn directions
  • Lock a lost or stolen phone to ensure your privacy
  • Remotely erase contacts from a lost or stolen phone
  • Available at no added cost with Verizon Wireless Total Equipment Coverage

No word yet on how much it will cost without insurance or if it will only be available to people whom purchase the TEC insurance plan.  If the price is right for this application Asurion could definitely see some growth on this segment, but if the price isn't right, it will fail completely.

By Chase Thompson
Source Droid-Life

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