Thursday, September 16, 2010

Verizon to Launch LTE in 30 NFL Cities by End of 2010

So we all know that the Big Red has plans to launch LTE (Long Term Evolution) in one third of the country by the end of the year but it looks like they might have let slip some more specifics.  News came to light that Verizon will launch LTE in 30 NFL cities this year.  LTE which at launch will only be available on wireless broadband cards and monitoring devices  Obviously there are smaller market football teams which most likely wont be getting LTE that soon, and there is also cities like LA which will definitely be getting LTE hopefully at launch, so don't worry if your city doesn't have an NFL franchise.
LTE through Verizon Wireless at launch will be available in Seattle and Boston to start off, so that means people in Seattle and Boston are going to be set to go in the coming months.

Yes I have seen LTE in action almost a year ago at a secret location in Redmond.....Can you guess where?  Streaming 6 HD TV channels at the same time with no problem what so ever.

By Chase Thompson
Source eWeek

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