Thursday, September 16, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Not Coming to Verizon Until 2011

In what could be a major blow to Windows Phone 7, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless today said that there are no plans this year to launch a Windows Phone 7 device.  After working exclusively with Verizon on the Microsoft Kin, which failed epically, Microsoft turned to the next best thing, AT&T.

Word is that AT&T will be the premier dealer for Windows Phone 7.  So far neither Sprint or T-Mobile has said anything about the timing of a launch for Windows Phone 7 on there respected networks.

The way I see it, AT&T has a one hit wonder in the iPhone.  It is ridiculous to think that Microsoft is going to be able to get current AT&T users to switch from the iPhone to any Windows Phone Device.  The biggest complaint about the iPhone is the network that it is on, not the hardware (I know, the antenna sucks).  Microsoft would be smart to make sure their devices aren't exclusive and are available on all networks to really penetrate the market that they once dominated.

By Chase Thompson
Source Bloomberg Businessweek

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