Friday, October 1, 2010

iPhone 5 and iPad 2 To Get Qualcomm Chipsets

It appears as if Steve Jobs and Apple is spurring Intel and instead will go with Qualcomm chipsets in the next versions of the iPhone and iPad.  As you know Intel purchased iPhone and iPad chip maker Infineon earlier this year.  It was reported earlier about the relationship between Intel and Apple by Intel CEO Paul Otellini that....

“Steve was very happy,” Otellini told Fox Business TV. “The industry was abuzz that this business unit was on the market, and there were a number of competing companies for it. I think they are very happy that Intel won the bid.”

Doesn't look that way now does it Paul?

I hate to add fuel to the fire but this is all interesting stuff because Qualcomm makes chips for a majority if not all of Verizon Wireless handsets.  They also make a chipset called GOBI, which if you haven't heard about is an amazing chip that has CDMA, UMTS, HSPA and Wi-Fi built in.

Now, would this mean that Apple is looking to manufacture ONE iPhone model that will work across all carriers?  I can honestly say I don't know but it sure looks that way.

By Chase Thompson
Source 9To5Mac

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